Top Essential Wheelchair Accessories

Top Essential Wheelchair Accessories

Accessories can make wheelchairs more convenient and comfortable. This applies to not just the user but the companion as well. However, there are all kinds of accessories that you can get. Although they’re all useful, not all are essential for everyday convenience. How do you know which ones you should get first?

Get your answers here. Find out the must-have wheelchair accessories you should get for yourself or your loved one. Most importantly, learn how they can make any wheelchair experience more comfortable and functional.

Top 10 Must-Have Wheelchair Accessories

Seat Cushion

Some wheelchairs have thinly padded seats. This can be uncomfortable, especially if you’re using the chair for a long time. But a seat cushion can provide that extra support to solve this issue. Adding and using a cushion will add more support that your body needs to prevent straining your body while sitting. This way, you can stay more comfortable when using the chair for long periods.

Buckle Strap Belt

This is used by many for extra security. It’s a simple accessory, but it can provide extra reassurance and safety when using the wheelchair. This is mainly because you’ll be secured in your place. This way, you don’t fall out of the chair, especially when maneuvering inclined surfaces.

Cane/Crutch Holder

It’s usually added to the back of the wheelchair. It does what its name suggests: it holds the cane or crutch close to the user so it doesn’t get lost. This way, you get easy access to your cane or crutch whenever you need it.

Portable Ramp

This thing is really handy if you enjoy being outside or when you go on trips. But sometimes, it's hard for people in wheelchairs to get to certain places, which can feel like a big problem. A portable ramp for wheelchairs can help fix this issue. It’s usually made of a solid material that you can use to access locations over a curb or a set of steps.


An attachable tray can make it easier to work or eat in a wheelchair. It’s a common struggle for wheelchair users to have to pull up to a table just to work or eat. With a tray, you don’t have to do this. You will be able to do all sorts of things wherever you are instead.

Cup Holder

This attachment is a simple way to make life more convenient. It will surely be used frequently, as it can hold different types and sizes of cups or bottles. With a cup holder, the wheelchair user or the companion doesn’t have to carry or hold their drinks all the time.

Wheelchair Storage Bag

This is a useful accessory for foldable or portable wheelchairs. It’s easy to get your wheelchair scratched when you’re storing or transporting it. But you can avoid this by using a storage bag. This way, every part of the wheelchair is protected from potential damage when you’re not using it.

Hand Rings

These are a pair of hand rings that will allow users to self-propel the wheelchair more conveniently and comfortably. With these accessories, the user can improve their grip on the wheels of the chair. This way, they can better maneuver and get more traction when propelling themselves.

Storage Basket

Lots of wheelchairs have storage baskets, but not all do. If yours doesn’t, make sure to grab one. It’s handy for keeping your stuff like your phone, keys, and wallet close by. That means you can grab them easily whenever you need them.

Wheelchair Gloves

Manual wheelchairs, despite having hand rings, can still be pretty hard to use for some people. This is especially true since it will still impact your hands when you’re steering, stopping, and speeding. You can get calluses and blisters, but you can protect your hands from these by wearing gloves. They can act as a buffer between your hands and the wheels, and they can even make the use of wheelchairs more comfortable. Plus, these gloves come in different styles, so you can choose one that you think would suit your style preferences the best.


Wheelchair accessories can make the use of wheelchairs more convenient, comfortable, and even more fun. You can use them to protect yourself when using the chair and do many more things conveniently, unlike before. Plus, it can even make the wheelchair more stylish.

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