The Strongback Wheelchair Advantage

The Strongback Wheelchair Advantage

People who use wheelchairs may experience discomfort because of back pain caused by sitting for extended periods. This can lead to sore spots and other health problems. Wheelchairs are heavy and hard to fold, making it difficult to go outside. The Strongback Wheelchair is made to solve these problems.

This article talks about the Strongback Wheelchair. It explains and focuses on what makes it special by providing its benefits. This will also provide tips on keeping your wheelchair in good shape. So, if you want a better wheelchair, keep reading. These can make your daily life better.

What Is a Strongback Wheelchair?

The Strongback Wheelchair is special because it's designed to give great support and comfort. It's not like regular wheelchairs. It has built-in support to help you sit up straight and avoid discomfort.

What makes it different is its unique design. People needed a comfier and more supportive wheelchair. Regular wheelchairs can hurt your back. And the Strongback Wheelchair was made to fix this. It supports the natural curve of your spine.

They continued to improve it over time, resulting in the high-quality Strongback Wheelchair that people use today.

Advantages of the Strongback Wheelchair

The Strongback Wheelchair offers several benefits, outlined in seven key points. Here's a quick overview of what makes this wheelchair special:

Ergonomic Seating Design 

This wheelchair is designed to ensure the user stays healthy and feels good. The seat is made to help people sit up straight and keep their spine in the proper position. This way, it can stop backaches and discomfort when sitting long.

Foldable Design (Portability)

The foldable design makes it easy to carry around and store, perfect for people who are always on the move. When folded, it becomes small, so you can take it without any trouble. This way, you can stay active and not worry about carrying a big wheelchair or finding much space to keep it.

Improved Mobility and Maneuverability 

This invention involves a mild effort to get the wheelchair inside or outdoors. They are also built in a way that appears like shortcuts and linkages to localities you wish to access.

Reduce Soreness

The comfort that comes with sitting in these chairs is attributed to their shape. It does not cause you to hurt so badly, even if you sit for a long while.

Enhanced Comfort and Provides Support

These have a nature of comfort but also go the extra mile to provide a good supporting mechanism to the body. It means that you can sit for a longer time and, therefore, endure any discomfort.

Durability and Longevity

Compared to the other wheelchairs, these are very strong and reliable and have a long lifespan. You will not be concerned about the break.

Accessibility and Availability

It does not require much effort to secure such a wheelchair. They are relatively easy to buy and can be easily found.

Tips for Keeping Your Strongback Wheelchair in Top Condition

Use Professional Services

Checking and repairing your wheelchair is best done only by a professional. They know exactly what they should do, and even if they use a different part or try to fix it themselves, it may only create another problem. If you need some technical assistance, you can request it from Strongback Mobility.

Regular Check-Ups and Cleaning

  • Brakes: Always ensure that the brakes of your vehicle always work well. You can use them in any setting. In case of a problem, seek professional assistance.
  • Wheels (Casters): The small wheels are interesting looking. They may have to be replaced if chipped, shaped awkwardly, or unstable.
  • General Cleaning: You can clean your wheelchair by removing dirt or hair from your wheelchair frame, maybe with tweezers.

Inspect Seating and Back Support

  • Foot and Arm Rest: Then see if they are straight and unloose. Make sure they are tight if they are loose, and ask for advice if one is damaged.
  • Back Support: This chair part requires minimal care but should be examined when it’s uncomfortable or shows excessive wear.

Check Moving Parts and Tire Maintenance

  • Folding Mechanism: Make sure the chair folds smoothly and stays folded when not in use. If there's an issue, get it fixed.
  • Tires: Keep an eye on the wheelchair tires. Make sure they're not worn out and have enough air.

Store Properly

If you do not need a wheelchair, it is stored somewhere dry and secure. This makes it retain its proper shape for a much longer period.


The Strongback Wheelchair is designed for better comfort and support. It's lightweight and easy to move around. You can buy it easily and use it as a transport chair too. Remember to check and take care of it regularly to keep it in good shape. This guide has shared simple tips on how to do that.

To feel the comfort of the Strongback Wheelchair, check out our collection now and pick the one that suits you. Get better mobility and comfort every day.

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