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Strongback Mobility - High-Quality Wheelchair Design Options

Strongback Mobility offers some of the highest-quality and most ergonomic mobility devices in the market. It’s one of the most reliable brands out there. If you’re looking for an ergonomic wheelchair, you should consider getting one of their products.

Explore deeper into what their wheelchairs offer in this article. Find out what about the wheelchairs’ ergonomic design makes them ideal for optimal back support. Learn some tips on how to choose from their models as well to ensure suitability for your specific needs.

About Strongback Mobility

Being in the industry for over a decade, Strongback Mobility is one of the most reputable brands. The brand focuses on improving wheelchair design. This commitment has led them to produce ergonomic wheelchairs through innovation. They have received many recognitions and awards for such innovations over the years.

Strongback Mobility Wheelchairs Ergonomic Design

The brand has two main chair categories: wheelchairs and transport chairs. Despite that, these mobility devices all have one thing in common—an ergonomic build and design. These are their ergonomic features:

Integrated Lumbar Support

The wheelchairs have a patented ergonomic design. They come with an adjustable, built-in posture support in the backrest. This helps correct the user’s posture problems by supporting their spine. You can adjust the curved backrest by loosening or tightening the Velcro fasteners. With this, you can adjust the height and angle to support every user’s build appropriately. The back support angle is curved from -10 degrees to +20 degrees.

Cushioned Seat and Back

The seat and backrest are both padded. This helps to lessen the discomfort people might feel and eases pressure points. This also provides more comfort to the user, especially during long periods of use. Additionally, because of the ergonomic design, the seats of the wheelchairs are also curved. This boosts the pressure relief they offer.

Flip-Back Armrests

You can get their wheelchairs with comfortable desktop-length armrests. These are also flippable, making the transfer in and out of the wheelchair easier. These can offer extra support to the user’s arms—they can lean on them while using and transferring from and to the wheelchair.

Adjustable and Removable Footrests

The swing-away footrests are also removable. This makes them easy to adjust or remove in different situations, like getting in and out of the wheelchair or transporting it.

Footrests are essential for keeping the user comfortable. They also help in maintaining the proper position when sitting down. They help prevent straining the legs and feet of the users for a comfortable ride. With adjustable footrests, the users can customize their position to accommodate their needs.

Comfort-Grip Handles

The push handles of these wheelchairs are ergonomic. This feature primarily benefits the person assisting the wheelchair user. They are padded, making holding them and pushing the wheelchair more comfortable. This remains true even when the user is in a wheelchair. The curves that fit to the hands make the handles easier to grip.

How to Choose from Their High-Quality Models

Here’s a quick rundown of how you can choose which specific mobility device from the brand suits your needs best:

Assess Your Needs

To determine which type to get, assess your mobility needs. Here are some questions to ask yourself: 

  • Is it for daily use or occasional use? 
  • Will you use it for recreational activities? 
  • Will you use it indoors or outdoors, or both? 
  • Do you want something that you can use by yourself?

Consult a Professional

To be sure, you should also involve a healthcare professional when deciding. You can go to your doctor or a physical or occupational therapist. They can assist in assessing your specific needs more accurately. Additionally, they can help you choose the wheelchair you should use.

Take Measurements for the Wheelchair Size

The brand’s wheelchair models are available in three main sizes: small, medium, and large. This applies to both standard wheelchairs and transport chairs. This difference in size indicates their differences in wheel size, seat width, seat height, and seat size. Here are some tips on how you can measure for the correct sizes:

  • Seat Width: Measure the user’s hip or thigh width using a measuring tape. Make sure to do this horizontally across the widest point. Add 1 to 2 inches of allowance for a more comfortable seat.
  • Seat Height: Measure from the user’s heel to the back of their knee while sitting down. Add an extra 2 inches if they’ll use their arms for propulsion and none if they use their feet.
  • Seat Size: Measure the user’s leg length while sitting down. With the tape, measure from the back of their hips to the back of their knees. Add an extra 1 or 2 inches for better comfort.

The weight capacity is also important to consider. Take note that all models have weight capacities of 300 lbs.


These wheelchairs offer high-quality ergonomic designs that ensure proper back support. With these, you can ensure better posture. Additionally, you can achieve a more comfortable sitting position when using your wheelchair. 

To choose which model would suit you best, assess your needs and take the tips discussed above. For a closer look at their models, you can visit our Strongback Mobility collection

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