Are Flux Wheelchairs Good

Are Flux Wheelchairs Good?

The FLUX wheelchairs are some of the best mobility devices in the market today. If you're looking for a quality wheelchair, you may want to consider these. They come in various styles, each offering unique features and benefits. This article will dive deeper into what a FLUX wheelchair can provide you with. Find out what features you can expect and decide whether they're the right choice for your needs.

About the Brand: Troy Technologies

Troy Technologies makes wheelchairs, power scooters, and accessories. They create high-quality, easy-to-use, and clever mobility devices for inside and outside activities. Their FLUX series includes the two main product lines or series:

Daily Living Chairs

These are regular wheelchairs made for use inside. They help people do their daily tasks and activities. These models belong to this series:

Travel Wheelchairs

These are wheelchairs for people with more active lifestyles. They are built to keep up and handle the busy life outdoors. These wheelchairs include these models:

  • FLUX Strongback Lightweight Portable Wheelchair
  • FLUX Strongback Premium Lightweight Portable Wheelchair Deluxe Package

Key Features Offered by FLUX Wheelchairs 

Whichever FLUX Wheelchair you choose to get, here are the main features you can expect from it:


FLUX wheelchairs, in general, are portable—both travel and daily living wheelchair series. The daily living wheelchairs are more lightweight and compact than traditional wheelchairs. This makes them easier to carry and bring around. For example, the FLUX 360 Daily Living Wheelchair only weighs 38.5 lbs.

The travel series, on the other hand, are foldable and lightweight. These make them ideal to use when traveling and going outdoors. For example, the FLUX Strongback has an ergonomic design, and it can weigh up to 48.5 lbs. It can also easily fit into a car trunk.


Adjustable features mean that a wheelchair can meet your specific needs. The daily living units have flippable armrests for easier getting in and out of them. Their foot plates are also removable, so you can add or remove them if your feet or legs get tired. Some even use pneumatic height adjustment to adapt the chair to any body type.

On the other hand, the travel wheelchairs, specifically the FLUX Strongback, have adjustable velcro straps. This will allow you to adjust the chair's backrest to meet your needs.

Size and Design Versatility

The FLUX travel wheelchairs are available in two frame sizes: small and regular. The seat width also varies, and the wheels are available in sizes 8, 12, and 24 inches. This allows you to choose what configuration you want your wheelchair to be in.

Additionally, you can get some of the models of these wheelchairs in various colors. For example, you can get FLUX Dart in gray, blue, or green.


These wheelchairs are made with durable materials, specifically the frames. They can safely support up to 300 lbs. This durability makes these wheelchairs good for people of different ages and body types. They give dependable support and work well for a long time.


All FLUX wheelchairs have small door clearance. This is the amount of space you need to navigate through tight spaces. Small clearance means the chairs can easily maneuver in tight spaces, whether at home or not.

Comfort and Ergonomic Design

The wheelchairs have more ultra-mobile ergonomic designs compared to regular wheelchairs. The padded seats are made of breathable fabric, and a mesh backseat for ventilation. The daily living wheelchairs feature a waterfall-contoured back design. This design helps reduce knee strain and improve leg circulation. This can also eliminate pressure points for greater comfort.

On the other hand, the travel wheelchairs have curved backs and optimal seat angles. These reinforce better and proper posture to prevent users from slouching while seated.


FLUX chairs have one of the best warranty policies in the market. The warranty covers soft goods for one year and the hardware for a lifetime. Troy Technologies will repair and replace any dysfunctional and defective material or workmanship within the warranty period. However, the warranty doesn’t cover normal wear and tear and wheelchair damage from misuse or accident.


You can get wheelchairs with accessories that can improve your comfort and functionality. When buying the chair, you can opt to add a hand ring or a seatbelt in your chair for additional costs. You can also purchase wheel lock extensions and seat covers separately. This will tailor your wheelchair to your specific needs and preferences.


FLUX wheelchairs are reliable mobility devices. They can make the daily lives of people with mobility issues more convenient. People of all ages and body types can use them. They're a good investment that you or your loved one can use for a long time. For a closer look at the products, you can visit our FLUX wheelchair collection.

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